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b2 began in 2000 as a partnership between Bridget Baalbergen and Sarah Bovim. We are consumer psychologists who specialise in understanding people's relationships with brands. 

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Quite simply… we choose to work on brands that we love and with people who inspire us.

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We believe in the power of human truth

As the foundation for creating sustainable brands

And communicating these truths simply and authentically.

We believe in the magic of staying curious

In finding something to learn from every encounter

And listening with an open mind.

We believe in deepening our understanding

In a way that connects us to the people around us

And makes a difference in the world.

We believe in abundance and gratitude

In recognising the privilege that we get to do what we love

And in the significance of sharing this with others.


Using our deep knowledge of South African consumers in different target audiences across a wide variety of brands and categories, we contextualise the insights about your brand to give you sound strategic guidance.

Our desire is to provide you with sharp insights that make a real and sustainable difference to your brand.

We are personally involved in every detail of the projects that we work on so that our clients get the benefit of our direct input and experience. 


We are consumer psychologists and qualitative research specialists, conducting individual and expert depth interviews to gather the very best insight for your brand.  

We have these conversations personally, either face-to-face or online. Using our deep listening skills, we seek the truth in each conversation and bring the voice of the customer back to your business clearly and usefully.



Julia Ahlfeldt Certified Customer Experience Professional

Bridget and Sarah are two of the most talented and experienced qualitative researchers I've ever worked with. I've had the opportunity to engage with them on a variety of initiatives where our aim was to understand consumer perspectives so we could assess customer needs and put ourselves in their shoes. Bridget and Sarah have deep knowledge and expertise in crafting and conducting interviews that yield meaningful insights. Furthermore, they are astute at teasing out the most important findings, which is challenging, as this type of qualitative research can generate an overwhelming amount of data, and it can be easy to lose the golden threads amongst all the noise.

Tinyiko Mageza Executive Manager: Marketing

It’s not often that one has the opportunity to work with a team of individuals who hold the same values as you. Bridget and Sarah are not just our research and insights partners, but they are equally passionate about the V&A Waterfront precinct, its ongoing growth and the success of its community. They are balanced, thorough, reflective and nuanced in how they deliver and share insights. You get a real sense that they share an equal vested interest in the success of our shared value ecosystem business journey and purpose-led Marketing mission.

Karen Dempers “Head: Credit Product & Marketing, TFG Financial Services”

“I have worked with B2Insights a number of times, both during my tenure at MWEB at more recently at TFG Financial Services. When working with Bridget and Sarah you know your research project is in the hands of a team that offers strong strategic thinking, excellent consumer insights and best of breed research tactics. Projects are always delivered on time and within budget. For me, the greatest advantage of working with Bridget and Sarah is that your research will deliver the insights you need to know, vs. the insight you think want to hear. And those same insights are feedback to you in a way that makes it very clear that you’re listening to the voice of your customer.”

Natalie Wilson, Head of Food, New Media

“The b2 team impressed us from start to finish of our qualitative research project – from the robust approach to the methodology, to the open flow of communication through the process, to the presentation of the results. It was an absolute pleasure and I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with them again”

Heather Parker, Consultant to the V&A Waterfront

“The b2 team supported us in a difficult piece of market research – difficult because it involved extensive interviews with restaurants at the time of Covid, when the market was at its toughest. The quality of what came out of the project has been immensely valuable, which is a testament to special quality of authenticity, empathy and listening Bridget and Sarah bring.”

Nisha Maharaj, Senior Marketing Manager, V&A Waterfront

“b2 Insight have been valuable partners in testing concept of offering and naming conventions with key audiences within the visioning process of the Maker’s Landing project.”

Ciani Gower, Allan Gray Investor Education & Behaviour Manager

“Sarah and Bridget were a pleasure to work with. They provided my team with valuable and applicable insights that will certainly be put to good use. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, they took up the challenge to run virtual interviews and didn’t let this change in approach affect the quality of the insights gathered. I appreciate their efficiency, passion and high quality work.”

Kay Toelle, Owner of The Academy of Digital Arts

“b2 Insight did an amazing job in researching the drivers of success of our Academy. Their perfected skill of empathetic listening during the qualitative research and the professional reporting and presenting of the findings made us feel safe and we directly trusted b2 Insight as they guided us through the process of rebranding as a result of the research. Thank you so much again for all your help, Sarah and Bridget.”

Lisa Clarke, Insight Manager, Sir Fruit

“Working with Sarah and Bridget was an absolute pleasure. They were extremely professional, insightful and accommodating. I am looking forward to working with them again soon.”

Keke Mahlebebe, Strategy Partner, M&C Saatchi Abel

“b2 is an exceptionally hot, well-rounded, and effective research shop with end-to-end solutions that can be shaped per your specific ask. It’s an absolute pleasure working with both Sarah and Bridget, and I highly recommend them for your next research project.”

Yvonne Beyers, Editor, Huisgenoot

“I found great value in the market research Sarah and Bridget conducted for the title I work on. Their findings were insightful and in-depth, and the scope of their research and feedback was comprehensive. It definitely helped me to shape a more nuanced perspective on the market I serve and to understand my market’s interests, needs, challenges and realities. A worthwhile investment all round!”

Julian Boulter, Director of C3 Food Service

“Thank-you so much for the wonderful work you have done for C3 in terms of capturing the essence of who we are and translating this for us. We are delighted with what you have come up with and how you have managed the process. We look forward to continuing this journey and I’m sure we will be calling on your expertise again soon.”

Graham Easton, Market Intelligence, Santam

“Our engagement with B2 was one of complete professionalism. They understood our business problem and clearly translated this into a research proposal that delivered us with the necessary insights to inform our strategic decision. They have become a valued partner that we trust to act in our best interests. I highly recommend that you consider B2 as a partner. They take the time and effort to first understand your business before presenting a solution.”

Robin Nixon, Strategic Director, FCB

“Bridget and Sarah are a powerful pair who are always up for tackling just about any challenge. Whether it is scoping a new category or revisiting and digging deeper into a well-known and documented market, you can rely on them to get beneath the skin of the customer. Bridget and Sarah have an uncanny way of working together, collectively collaborating and interrogating each other as they navigate their way through consumer sentiment to glean powerful insights behind human behaviour.” 

Mzamo Masito, Managing Executive & Africa Brand Lead, Vodacom

“I have worked with Sarah and Bridget for the UCT Unilever Institute and I find them to be curious, insightful, strategic and creative. They have added great value to growing South African brand, retail and consumer stories.”

Carolyn Holgate, General Manager of MWeb Connect

“Affordable, strategic, valuable and usable insight from two experienced marketers is rare to find and when you do, hang on to it! Both Sarah and Bridget added value to our business and we’ve been back for more. Their honesty, passion and genuine interest in your business is unique!”

Charlene Beukes, General Manager, The Huffington Post South Africa 

"Working with Sarah and Bridget is always an amazing experience. Their approach is very professional and hands-on, displaying excellent insights into the hearts and minds of our various and often complex audience segments, which resulted in them workshopping practical solutions we could implement right away."

Paul Egan, Managing Consultant of The Unilever Institute

“b2 add huge value when it comes to delivering strategic insights. Over the years b2 has made an immense contribution to the Institute and has been instrumental in helping us develop ground-breaking projects.

Charlotte Smith, Head of Qualitative at Basis Research

“There’s no other agency that I would choose in South Africa. Working with Sarah and Bridget is like flying first class – they provide a streamlined service which is super efficient. Their articulation of local culture has been supremely helpful to us as a British client.”


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